ACI Louisiana founded in 1976

We help make concrete a
Durable material

American Concrete Institute Louisiana Chapter

In 1905, concerned concrete enthusiasts set out with a mission to develop a means for making concrete a safe, usable, durable material. The result of their determination was the formation of the American Concrete Institute. Chartered as a technical society, the not-for-profit ACI emerged with a goal of guiding and assisting its members and the general public by disseminating information on concrete. In 1976, The ACI Louisiana Chapter was founded to bring the ACI mission to our region.

A message from our president:

Our local ACI chapter is a collection of individuals who strive to inform and educate Owners, Contractors, Engineers, Suppliers, Ready Mixers, Testing Laboratories and other interested parties about uses, codes, testing, certifications, innovation and continuing education offered on both a local and national level. I am proud to represent our local chapter this year in the continuing the excellence established by previous leaders of this chapter.

This coming year, we have made strides with our student chapters at ULL in Lafayette and UNO in New Orleans with their participation in their student chapters, gaining membership and promoting the benefits of ACI at the student level. We will continue to interact and work with these student chapters to expand the reach, education and benefits of ACI to students in Louisiana.

I’d like to personally thank our Certification Committee for their time and effort they spend to provide the ACI certification services for those looking to become ACI Certified Technicians. This Committee has provided a constant and consistent program over the years, and is something that we as an organization recognize as excellence that we strive to achieve. I encourage our board members to attend certification training sessions, even when not testing for certification, to assist in setup and administration of the testing and observe the committee.

I would encourage our members to interact with our committees and programs with feedback and ideas to continue to grow our organization and provide the information and activities that interests our members. We value our membership and are looking to make 2017 better than the previous years.

I look forward to seeing you at the upcoming seminars, social events, conference and other events.

ACI Louisiana Chapter President, Rhett Mouton